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Senior screenings at gem of a theatre

March 22nd, 2022

Residents at Points West Living Stettler are able to enjoy movies on the big screen again, compliments of the local movie theatre. Jewel Theatre recently started offering the once-a-month showings to seniors around town, and other sponsors have kicked in to enhance the theatre experience. 

Full theatre experience

PWL Stettler residents have been to the theatre three times. “We have a great relationship with our local Handibus, and thanks to donations from the Superfluity Thrift Shop, residents don’t need to pay to get to and from the theatre,” says Recreation Therapist, Lisa Smith. In addition, the theatre provides free pop, and we buy them mini bags of popcorn.”

“Not all residents are interested in going to the movies, but for many, it is something they eagerly look forward to,” says Lisa. “It’s a chance to go out on an adventure, watch a movie on the big screen, and be out with friends. It is a winning combination.” Residents have also enjoyed meeting up at the movies with family and friends from town and other seniors’ communities.

Classic and seasonal offerings

So far the theatre has offered classic and seasonal movies, like No Time to Die (James Bond by request), The Addams Family 2, Clifford the Big Red Dog, The Magnificent Seven, White Christmas, and Julia. For April, they’re hoping to show Casablanca.

A wonderful collaboration

The screenings events are the result of “a wonderful collaboration to get the seniors of Stettler and surrounding communities out for an afternoon of entertainment,” Rose Chapman of the Jewel Theatre says. “Rairdan Services, Stettler Connects, IODE, the Rotary Club of Stettler, Superfluity, Stettler Handibus, Points West Living, and Stettler Housing Authority have all pitched in for these events. We also have sponsorship from Aspen Ford who have offered free rides in their limo for any seniors needing a ride but do not require the Handibus. New Horizons for Seniors Program has provided grant money as well.”

Photo: PWL Stettler residents enjoy a movie with pop and popcorn thanks to the Jewel Theatre and other donors in the town of Stettler.

More photos at Flickr: Senior screenings at gem of a theatre

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