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Teamwork creates great St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

March 21st, 2022

Residents and employee care partners worked together – and played together – to make the St. Patrick’s Day celebration at Points West Living Peace River a fun and heartwarming event. There was great food, Irish music, and even some dancing.

Lots of green on the menu

The food served was definitely a community-wide effort. The kitchen team greened up the menu a bit with green mashed potatoes and a green tapioca pudding dessert to go along with the broccoli and pork chops. They also prepared charcuterie boards with lots of green (on the outside) fruits, along with green tea and green ice cubes for the drinks.

Hospitality Aide, Jennelyn Lagason worked with residents Teresa MacNeil, Rita Boyer, and Anna Nickonchuk to bake up three big batches of tea biscuits. “We wanted to make sure there would be enough,” says Jennelyn. “Office administrator Cathy Mika also brought in homemade mini carrot cupcakes with green cream cheese frosting.”

Wanted everyone to have fun

“We tried to get as many residents as possible to participate in the event,” Jennelyn says. “We wanted everyone to enjoy and have fun. Kitchen supervisor, Honeylyn Matitu brought in Irish themed washable tattoos, and we kept everyone busy with word games while we prepared the food.”

Teresa McNeil was DJ for the event, playing a variety of Irish music, and the celebration wrapped up with some care partners and residents Allen Anderson and Dale Smith getting up to dance.“Everyone had a great time,” says Jennelyn.

And the team effort was appreciated, as resident Rita Boyer told Jennelyn, “Thank you so much. You guys make living here more enjoyable.”

“Hearing this melted my heart,” Jennelyn says. “It was indeed the best feeling ever.”

Photo: (Top left) Resident Ivis McCarty gets her green on; green Celtic patterned tattoos, and Teresa MacNeil chooses from a sumptuous selection of fruits, cheeses, and cold cuts at the PWL Peace River St. Patrick’s Day celebration on March 16.

More photos at Flickr: Teamwork creates great St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

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