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Interactive musical performance worth the wait

April 14th, 2022

It took a few months for it to all come together, but for residents of Points West Living Peace River it was worth the wait.

When the interactive music group Beyond Melodies performed live (virtually) for residents on March 9th, they had everyone happily singing and dancing along.

Music offered online

Beyond Melodies is a group of six professional performers based in Ontario who sing and perform live music, much of it for seniors in residential care settings. Prior to the pandemic, Beyond Melodies would perform live, in-person, however have shifted to an online model over the past few years which has broadened their audience across the country.

Virtual performance well received

“Many of our residents attended,” says General Manager Maegan Smith. “They were singing and dancing along in their chairs to songs from all genres. They said the music reminded them of the past and brought back many memories.

After the performance residents expressed how much they enjoyed the performance and would love to have it again. The community is even thinking about creating their very own custom playlist for the performance!

“Our lovely kitchen prepared many wonderful snacks and drinks for the residents to enjoy,” adds Maegan. “The residents loved the presentation of the food as well as different choices.”

Photo: Residents enjoy a special snacks and drinks during the Beyond Melodies performance.

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