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If you see this man, say Hello!

September 15th, 2022

You may not know his face yet but if you run into him, go ahead and say Hello. His name is Aidan Monaghan and he is the nearly new Covid Communications Coordinator and Marketing Assistant for Connecting Care at Points West Living.

In the last quarter of this year and into the new year, Aidan will be taking tours of many of the PWL communities and meeting the people who live and work there. Starting next week, Aidan’s tour begins by driving to Grand Prairie and Pearson place, so keep an eye out for him if he stops in at your community.

Aidan grew up in Edmonton and got his Diploma in Business Management before getting a degree in Anthropology. His graduation from university came just at the start of the pandemic, and as a consequence, his service sector job ground to a halt.

But fortunately, Aidan learned of an opportunity to provide support in a COVID communications role at Points West Living, and after he wrote reports on COVID pandemic news and protocols, he was later hired full-time.

Reporting to the Manager of Organization Performance, Aidan’s role is to help implement the PWL marketing plan.

“I'm still working on COVID communications. But most of my days are spent talking with the marketing team as well as the employee care partners to figure out what changes they want to make to their social media or any information that we need to share in our communities.”

Aidan also puts together the Eden Newsletter and is becoming familiar with the people and places that make our communities rich and diverse.

“I enjoy the attitudes and mindsets of the people that I work with,” says Aidan. “They're all very positive. And they all have a very good outlook on life and are committed to the philosophy of our organization, the Eden philosophy.”

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