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A Fun Farewell to Summer

September 29th, 2022

Recreation Thereapist Nicole gets pied!

The folks at Points West Living Stettler celebrated the end of summer in the courtyard with a traditional Summer Carnival. 

The backyard Carnival was complete with a tin can alley, fishing pond, ring toss, photo booth, lemonade and snacks, not to mention the warm 30-degree sunny weather.

Rosco the Clown made a special appearance, creating balloon flowers and animals for residents and joking around to get everyone chuckling.

One exciting carnival game was a kissing booth of a different kind. Residents were asked to guess how many Hershey kisses were in a glass jar. The prize for guessing the closest number had the unique privilege of putting a whip cream pie in the face of any care partner of their choosing. The photo shows recreation therapist Nicole Fischer as the victim that day.

“The residents were very excited for the carnival. Many of them came to the event early, waiting for the festivities to start,” said Nicole. “While some enjoyed participating in the carnival games, others enjoyed sitting in the sun sipping on their lemonade and eating popcorn and mini donuts while watching others play the carnival game.”

“It was all about having fun and saying goodbye to summer in a fun way,” added Deidre Northrop, recreation coordinator. “It all came together smoothly. The residents enjoyed the carnival and had a joyous time seeing a pie getting thrown in Nicole’s face.”

See more photos of the carnival here.

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