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Marion's Milkshake Shaker

October 13th, 2022

Marion McCarty helps shakes things up

During a get-together one day, Marion McCarty, who has called Points West Living Stettler his home for four years, mentioned that it had been a while since he had one of his favourite treats: a strawberry milkshake.

From this simple declaration, the idea for what would be billed as Marion's Milkshake Shaker was born.

With a date selected for the event, Jaime McGonigal, Stettler’s Food Service Supervisor, met with Marion to work out the details.

Marion asserted that strawberry flavour was absolutely the most essential because he believed it was the most popular among the other two flavours; chocolate and vanilla.

Marion said he didn’t intend to make the milkshakes himself, but he was quite happy to assist with pouring and adding toppings.

On the appointed day, 1950's music was played to create the right ambience for the residents who streamed in with smiles and whose eyes lit up as each one’s chosen flavour of milkshake was served.

And Marion turned out to be right; strawberry was definitely the most popular flavour requested. A few people even had room for seconds!

When a round of applause went out to Marion for conceiving the idea of a Milkshake Shaker and assisting in the planning, Marion was careful to ensure that the care partners who assisted were also thanked.

Eden Principle #4: We thrive when we have purpose and the opportunity to give, as well as receive. This is the antidote to helplessness.

Eden Principle #5: We thrive when we have variety, spontaneity and unexpected happenings in our lives. This is the antidote to boredom.



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