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Lance's Life as an Artist

November 10th, 2022

Lance, seated in front of some of his art

Lance Anhill is a talented artist who resides at Points West Living Drayton Valley.  Points West News was curious how Lance became the impressive artist that he is today and he agreed to answer our probing questions.

Q. Lance, have you been making art since you were a child? How old were you?

I started when I was six years old by drawing monkeys.

Q. Were you encouraged or inspired by anybody to create art?

I was inspired by my mom and art teacher. My mom always told me I should make it a living.

Q. Did you get art lessons or are you self-taught?

When I was young, I learned some in school but the rest is self-taught. I then lost mobility in the dominate hand due to my MS and had to re-teach myself how to draw with my non-dominate hand.

Q. What medium do you use for your artwork? Acrylic, watercolours, pencil?

I mostly use colored pencil, the odd charcoal and graphite as well.

Q. How do you choose the subjects for your art?

I go on a website and rummage through the free pictures for inspiration. I also take suggestions from the staff and my friends.

Q. Do people ever want to buy your art? Or do you give your art as gifts to anyone?

A lot of people want to buy my art. I will also have people bring me in a portrait of their animal and ask me to draw it for them and then they will buy it.

Q. What do you like most about being an artist?

I like the quiet of it. Being able to disconnect from the outside world and be a kid again by experimenting with different colors etc. Everyone asks why I don’t do digital, and I find it defeats the purpose of disconnecting. I like the ‘me time’ as well.

Thanks to Lance for giving us a peek into the life of a local artist and also to Recreation therapist Amber Tomaszeski for making the arrangements.

See Lance's artwork by clicking here.

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