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Fifteen Two and the Rest Won’t Do

December 7th, 2022

Crib partners Eileen and Andrea show off their win

With the help of recreation coordinator Diedre Northrop, a resident’s request for a crib tournament came together on a recent Friday afternoon at Points West Living Stettler.

The 16 players comprised 10 residents and 6 care partners organized in teams of 2 for a 3-Game Guarantee Tournament.

Winning all 3 games were Eileen Green and Care Partner Andrea Laisnez.

When Eileen was asked about the secret to winning with her card partner, she joked, “We are just that good. Ha ha. Cards are all about luck and we enjoyed having fun.”

“I had the best time at the tournament,” Andrea said. “The banter and friendly competition between everyone kept me on my toes.”

Some residents were nervous to play in the tournament at first. But after seeing and hearing how much fun the players were having, they are now eager to join the fun next time. The tournament was an enormous hit with many laughs and people catching up over a nice game of cards.

The players who were in the tournament are already asking when the next crib tournament is going to be, with requests that they are held as often as possible!

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