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A Story of Triumph

November 23rd, 2022

In 1989, Debbie Davies (shown above) who lives at Points West Living Lloydminster was in a severe car accident that left her in a coma for many months, before she awoke with a brain injury. 

While in hospital Debbie had the comfort of a stuffed animal called Alfred the Lion.  When she emerged from the coma and started to recover from her injury, the war in the Middle East broke out.

Wanting to send her support, Debbie sent her stuffed lion Alfred to the troops to protect them as it had protected her through difficulty.  She received a call from a commander in Kuwait that Alfred had arrived and they had gotten Alfred his own uniform and made him their mascot. 

Debbie then started sending letters of encouragement and support to the troops, sharing her personal story and how she overcame her own injuries.  Debbie corresponded with many of the troops and would send care packages of supplies, treats, stationary, and more to help support them.

When the war ended, one of the commanders personally delivered Alfred the Lion back to her.  She received a certificate from the Persian Gulf for the support of Alfred of Lion. 

A friend stationed in Bosnia also received Albert to protect the troops there, and Alfred returned to her with a Certificate of Support from Bosnia.

Honoring and supporting the troops is something that has always been very important to Debbie. She knew a lot of residents couldn’t make it out to services around the greater community so she set up a table for the month of November with her stories, letters, pictures and certificates that she had.

Debbie volunteered to host the Remembrance Day service at Lloydminster. During the service she shared her story, and the stories of Alfred the Lion. Later everyone joined in a moment of silence.

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