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Introducing Kristine Cardinal, GM of Cold Lake

January 12th, 2023

Kristine Cardinal, new GM of Points West Living Cold Lake

Kristine is new to her role but not to Points West Living or Cold Lake.Growing up in Saddle Lake with a loving family on a reserve north of Edmonton, Kristine’s career in health care began as a care aide at the Bonnyville Extendicare where she discovered her passion for providing care to the elderly.

“The job I stumbled upon was the key I needed to ignite a lifelong career,” says Kristine. After completing her training in practical nursing her first nursing job was with Points West in Cold Lake.

“As a new nurse, I felt an obligation to explore my nursing career and obtain as much experience as possible. I worked in the Bonnyville Hospital for five years on the Medical-Surgical-Palliative-Obstetrical Unit.”

Moving to Edmonton, Kristine became a travel nurse, and worked in rural Manitoba for a year and then at the Misericordia Hospital for two years before moving back to Cold Lake so that she could be closer to home and family. For the last two years she worked at Frog Lake in Home Care and Public Health.

“When I get asked the question “Why did you choose this kind of work?’ I often feel the work I do now, chose me. This career and life path was always laid out in front of me. The relationship I shared with my great-grandmother taught me the endless love and compassion that’s needed in this line of work.

“Every day I show up to work, I share the lesson she taught me. Treat others how you want to be treated.  I reflect on my Extendicare days and remember how fortunate I felt to be giving that love, care, and compassion to other grandparents or great-grandparents, especially for those who didn’t have a voice of their own.

“In my culture, elders are well respected and are the knowledge-keepers of our generation. The combination of the two has prepared me to become an advocate for our elders. They spent a lifetime caring for us. This is the time for us to return that favour.”

Kristine says her goals as a General Manager are to support the Eden Philosophy; encourage resident, family and staff,  growth, identity, autonomy, security, connectedness, meaning, and joy.

“I intend on being the strongest supporter and advocate for our community,” says Kristine. “My personal goal is to continue to pass along the most important lesson I have learned. Treat others how you want to be treated.” 

Kristine says she has little personal time, but when away from work, she spends her time with her three children and her cats.

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