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The long journey of the ‘Alzheimer’s Wife’

February 9th, 2023

Coles Books in Penticton hosted a book signing for author Barbara Jensen

When Athen's Creek resident Barbara Jensen’s husband of nearly fifty years was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, her whole life changed. In the years that followed, her role changed from mutual partner to primary caregiver.

In her book, Alzheimer’s Wife: The Journey from Endurance to Resilience, readers follow Barbara’s journey of loss and suffering as she watched a man who had been a large part of her, life slowly fade into a shell of what he once was. 
So many others who have had a loved one transformed by Alzheimer’s, will recognize how it feels to when a vibrant and loving relationship is stretched to the breaking point from the deteriorating effects of the disease, whether Alzheimer’s or dementia of another kind. 

Barbara writes of how her life felt as though it was falling apart and how she lost her own identity and meaning in the process.

But despite the hurt, loss and painful endurance, Barbara came through to the other side.

She has emerged from despair to acceptance and with a deeper understanding of herself and an appreciation of the world around her. 
Barbara has now found a place of resilience and a new life journey.

 Alzheimer’s Wife is just one person’s story, but at its core is understanding, sympathy and encouragement for others who are facing, or may face, the same challenge. It is for all who feel alone as the caregiver of a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease.
There are lessons to be learned in this book that reach beyond the burden of Alzheimer’s to a place of understanding, compassion and acceptance. 

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