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Pet Fostering Program Brings Joy to Residents of PWL Red Deer

March 30th, 2023

Who doesn't love puppies? They bring joy and happiness to everyone they meet, including in Points West Living Red Deer. Meet Gus Gus (left) and Fiona (top right), two adorable puppies who have captured everyone's hearts. PWL Red Deer has partnered with two local pet rescue organizations to provide short-term fostering for animals.

The impromptu Pet Fostering Program began on March 8th with Gus Gus and Fiona. These balls of fur have brought enormous smiles not only to the residents' faces but to all Care Partners as well. The residents get to enjoy these fosters, and the fosters get to build socialization skills.

At PWL Red Deer, we believe in the Eden Principle #5, which states that we thrive when we have variety, spontaneity, and unexpected happenings in our lives. Gus Gus and Fiona have certainly brought all of these things and more to our community. 

The spontaneous fostering story ended unexpectedly with a permanent home for one of the puppies. Angie MacKenzie, the General Manager of PWL Red Deer says, "I ended up 'foster failing' and adopted Gus Gus". Enjoy your new home, Gus Gus! 

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