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Resident council of Wainwright is busy enriching lives

May 11th, 2023

(L to R) Massage therapist Carolyn Briz with her client and Wainwright resident Marie Andersen

The resident council of Points West Living Wainwright has been busy enriching the lives of residents. A Wellness Room is now a place where weekly massages are available from a local professional massage therapist.

Soon a hearing aid specialist will be using the Wellness Room to provide services to residents as well.  And there is talk of providing foot and nail care in the Wellness Room.  Many of the furnishings for the Wellness Room have been donated by residents and their families.

Also, a Craft Room was created in the community’s Prairie Sky Towers which is now equipped with two sewing machines, a space for card-making, and a window where seedlings can be planted to nurture plants for the garden in the courtyard.

  “I hope that in the future we will have a few more residents trying their hand at sewing, or just refreshing their skills,” says recreation coordinator Shauna Lee Carlson.

 The Resident Council also purchased a pop machine and stocked it with money. Since then the loonies have been rolling in. The machine was named the “Honesty Pop Fridge” because the monies for the pop are collected in a jar with a slot in the lid!  A few of Wainwright’s residents manage the pop machine for purchasing, stocking and cash flow.

What a difference it makes when volunteers undertake the time and effort to bring comforts and fulfillment to their neighbours.

See more photos of the Wellness and Craft rooms here.

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