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Famous visitor comes to PWL Moose Jaw

June 20th, 2023

Gerry and nephew Logan Ferland, a real rough rider

 Points West Living Moose Jaw had an unexpected famous visitor after one of its residents purchased a new television. Gerry needed help lugging his new TV up to his suite and hooking it up. So he asked his nephew to come and help him out.  

His nephew was in and out several times at Gerry's to make sure he did a thorough job for his uncle, which is normal in Gerry’s close family.

Later as Gerry was walking his nephew out, he mentioned that his nephew was famous. The light in Gerry's eyes showed how proud he was of his nephew. And it’s plain to see why.

It turns out that Gerry's nephew is a real live Saskatchewan Roughrider! Logan Ferland, number 63 is a Linebacker for the Riders! Let's Go Riders!

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