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Peace River residents pick a hefty harvest of crab apples

August 14th, 2023

Muna Abdi helps Dale find the tastiest fruit.

The weather was lovely and the trees in the courtyard were weighty with crab apples. So on July 27, 2023, several residents from Points West Living Peace River went outside on a whim to pick the tart fruit, awakening their taste buds while they were at it.

Here are some memorable moments:

  • Joy laughed while picking the apples (see her here) and joked how she loved them but couldn’t try them since she didn’t have teeth. Later, the apples that she picked were minced and combined with apple sauce, and she enjoyed every bit. Later, Joy’s son remarked that the look on his mother's face was amazing to see. They have a crab apple tree at home and Joy used to love picking and eating them.
  • Dale couldn’t stop munching on the juicy apples and asked for care partners to get him the ones that were at the top and those that were big and red.
  • Lois collected as many as she could, alongside care partner Charmaine (see them here), stating she would save some for her daughter.

Harvesting the courtyard’s crop like this meets several of the domains of well-being highlighted by the Eden Model of Care, such as connectedness, meaning and joy.

Wellness Supervisor Muna Abdi said, “Having residents go out to the courtyard and pick the apples was a spontaneous moment that supports the principle of having variety and spontaneity and unexpected happenings in our lives, which is the antidote to boredom.”

It's also a pleasant and flavourful way to spend some time.

See more photos here.

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