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It’s a Rummy afternoon in Penticton

August 23rd, 2023

On the far side of the table, Dennis and Liz A. ponder their tiles.

How do you play tile Rummy, also known as Rummikub? 

In early August 2023, some residents at Points West Living Penticton (Athens Creek) decided to spread their love of the game so that even more folks can now join in.

They had noticed that, as they played, other residents would pop into the room and express curiosity about how to play, but seemed to be intimidated to sit in on a game with seasoned players.

So the experienced players decided to teach newcomers how.

They had a poster made up that explained the rules, set up two tables and placed a couple of knowledgeable players at each table who could explain the game to beginners. Employee care partner Tim Parks also joined in, along with his wife Veronica and daughter Lily.

The tutorial seems to have been a success. “They must have had fun,” said Ellie Bertrand, Office Administrator, “because where I used to see one table of tile players in the afternoon, I now often see two or three.”

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