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Tim, Tank and Tulsa win hearts in Stettler

September 5th, 2023

Tim snuggles on a lap.

Residents at Points West Living Stettler are not only enjoying the company of new General Manager Amanda Whittemore—they’re also enjoying the cuddles of the puppies that Amanda is fostering.

For five weeks, Amanda is taking care of Tim, Tank and Tulsa on behalf of the Saving Grace Animal Society, located in nearby Alix. Almost every weekday, the puppies come to the Points West Living community with her, and then do their rounds and visit residents.

“The residents love animals and the puppies need socialization with people,” said Nicole Fischer, Recreation Therapist. “The puppies bring smiles to so many residents,” with many saying how cute they are. A couple of residents even joked that they’d keep them forever.

When the puppies first visited, Nicole said she “took them around in a bucket to different cottages and many residents were surprised to see their little heads poking out. They also were so surprised how small they were and had many questions about the type of dog, age, etc., that we do not have answers for as they are rescue dogs.”

Not only are the puppies fun to be with, but they impact residents’ well-being. “They’ve brought back many memories about some of the animals they have had in the past,” Nicole said. “It has given some a sense of warmth when the dog cuddles right up to them and falls asleep. It has brought forward a moment of spontaneity and variety in their lives, as it’s a new item that is not a regular occurrence.”

Tim, Tank and Tulsa are currently up for adoption and looking for their forever homes!

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