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A sweet surprise hatches in Lloydminster

September 6th, 2023

Berenice and another resident’s granddaughter welcome a new chick.

Recently, residents at Points West Living Lloydminster got the thrill of welcoming three new companions to the community—the feathery kind!

In May 2023, a resident’s family kindly donated five chickens to the community, aiming to bring additional happiness to residents. This delight increased even more in August, when three baby chicks hatched.

“Many of the residents got to see and hold the baby chicks,” said Maxwell Schaffner, Recreation Therapist. In general, the chickens “help alleviate boredom for the residents, especially the baby chicks as they are very soft and offer a tactile sensation.”

The residents help in the care of the chickens, feeding them and letting staff know about any new eggs. Memories are also tweaked. “For some residents, the chickens bring back memories of when they lived on a farm and had chickens,” Maxwell said. “They bring joy to many residents as they hit a nostalgia note.”

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