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Seniors benefit from meditation and Tai Chi

October 17th, 2023

Practising meditation and Tai Chi at Cold Lake.

Seniors can experience many health benefits by practising mindful meditation and the slow-motion exercise Tai Chi, both of which have been practised for thousands of years all over the world, including at Points West Living Cold Lake

Recreation Aide Claudia Capashoa began inviting residents to attend mediation sessions and several people showed up. However, she noticed that the meditation was so relaxing that it caused some to fall asleep in their chairs.

So she found another program on YouTube that combined meditation with the more active Tai Chi, and the result was very positive.

"I like this activity. It makes me feel relaxed and energized at the same time,” said resident Dorife Neudorf. “It helps our mind open about what is going on in this world in our daily activities. It’s great for the mind and body.”

Some of the best things about meditation and Tai Chi are that anyone can try them and no special equipment is needed, apart from a quiet space. They are easily adapted for anyone, including people confined to chairs or wheelchairs.

"The activity is nice and peaceful," said resident Lisa Engleder. 

Research has shown that meditative mind-body practices can have these health benefits:

  • Reduce Anxiety and Stress: By checking in with the body during meditation/Tai Chi, one can regulate breathing, heart rate and the other physical symptoms of stress.
  • Boost Memory: Meditation and Tai Chi increase blood flow to the areas of the brain that studies have indicated can boost memory.
  • Improve Sleep: Meditation relaxes the body and regulates the nervous system, calming the mind and body in preparation for better sleep and reducing insomnia, fatigue and depression. 
  • Manage Pain: One US study found that over a year’s time, people with chronic pain reported an improvement in how well they could cope with body pain.

When asked what he thought of the meditation and Tai Chi sessions, resident Walter Peters's response was, “Good, it’s great!”

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