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A small store has big impact in Red Deer

November 21st, 2023

Cutting the ribbon at the new resident-run store.

Need toothpaste or craving ice cream? Now, residents at Points West Living Red Deer don’t need to run out when they’re low on supplies or to ask others to shop for them. Instead, they can pop by their very own resident-run store, A Little Bit of This & That.

“It’s been fantastic,” said Angie MacKenzie, General Manager. “It was requested by residents to have something where they can buy small items without having to rely on family or friends to bring items in, for those that do not have opportunities to go out on their own.”

Shampoo, laundry soap and dish soap are some of the products available, along with treats like chocolate bars, pop and chips. Inventory may change based on demand and suggestions by residents.

“It will be nice to have the ability to get things we need or want in a timely manner,” commented one resident. Another said, “We don’t have to rely on anyone else.”

In addition, residents are responsible for running the store, currently open three days a week for an hour at a time. As a bonus, proceeds return to residents through the Resident Council Fund, which they vote on how to spend.

“The residents that are working for the store are able to use their vocational skills and help provide for their community,” MacKenzie said. Customers can use their autonomy by choosing items they want to purchase. And, as a bonus, the shop has become a social gathering. “There is nothing better than shopping therapy!”

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