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Cold weather and ice cream pair nicely in Stettler

January 19th, 2024

Resident Marian oversees the tasty options.

To counter the cold weather outside, residents at Points West Living Stettler did what anyone would logically do—they set up an ice cream parlour!

Resident Marian helped serve the treats. “Whenever we have our ice cream parlour or milkshake shaker, he is always there early to help set up, plus helps serve and helps with clean up,” said Nicole Fischer, Recreation Therapist. “It puts a smile on his face.”

On the community’s Facebook page, they noted to followers: “Rumour has it you should eat cold food when it’s cold outside. Have you ever heard of this?”

Well, according to several internet sources, eating cold food actually temporarily lowers body temperature, so it’s not an ideal way to stay warm. But as long as you’re enjoying your frozen dessert in a cozy location, a few momentary chills—coupled with the joy of tasting something delicious while gathering with friends—are certainly worth it!

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