Our Standards

In order to maintain our reputation as a high-quality seniors' care management provider, Points West Living submits to both internal and external quality controls including:

Alberta Government Standards

Points West Living is committed to meeting or surpassing Alberta Government standards for seniors' community operations in the following competencies:
  • Providing excellent food service
  • Excellence in resident care
  • Cleanliness
  • Creating and maintaining a hospitable, friendly, home-like environment
  • Offering high-quality social/recreational opportunities
  • Retaining high-quality care partners
All Points West Living communities are licensed through the Social Care Facilities Licensing Act and follow Alberta's Accommodation Standards.

Standards of Excellence Inspections (SOE)

Points West Living participates in a program of unscheduled inspections. Inspection results are scored according to service standards, quality of product, cleanliness, and organization. Inspections are conducted quarterly in the first year, and semi-annually thereafter. Results of SOEs are made available to owners and governing authorities.

Supportive Living Inspections

Supportive Living Facilities are assessed according to Government of Alberta Standards for Continuing Care Facilities. Operators are provided with a checklist to ensure standards are maintained on a daily basis. All communities contracted by Alberta Health Services are subject to regular announced and unannounced reviews by Alberta Health Services.

Assessment of New Personnel

We assess new Employee Care Partner (ECPs) competencies within each community setting to ensure consistent standards. All incoming ECPs receive in-house training regardless of previously attained credentials.

Health Care Aide Certification

We have one of the highest levels of ECP certification in Alberta. In fact, we require all Health Care Aides to be certified. To achieve this goal, we have partnered with NorQuest College in their Distance Education Program to deliver a top-quality, in-house HCA Certification Program.

Staff Training Incentives

We offer tuition incentives to ECPs interested in improving their skills, earning certification, or undertaking apprenticeship training.

Policies and Procedures Review

Points West Living has detailed policy and procedural manuals that are reviewed and updated annually by a member of the management team.