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Music in the afternoon for Peace River residents

A musical interlude brought cheer to residents of Points West Living Peace River in early September 2023, when local group Northern Comfort entertained the audience.



Peace River celebrates August birthdays

Happy birthday to everyone who celebrated a birthday in August at Points West Living Peace River (and at all PWL communities)!



Peace River residents pick a hefty harvest of crab apples

The weather was lovely and the trees in the courtyard were weighty with crab apples. So on July 27, 2023, several residents from Points West Living Peace River went outside on a whim to pick the tart fruit, awakening their taste buds while they were at it.



Peace River Hosts a Lollapalooza for Seniors Week

It was nothing if not varied in its energic schedule for Senior’s Week at Points West Living Peace River, June 5 to 9. This year it was a lollapalooza of events for residents to kick up their heels and celebrate. Resident Teresa MacNeil summed it up this way: "It was fun, and there was a lot to do!"



Shout Out to Fathers

Alex Siry having fun with papa's moustache

Points West Living Peace River celebrated Fathers Day with word scrambles, Dad riddles and knock-knock jokes and with the aid of some beer and snacks, were laughing and having a great old time, just like the ‘good old days’.  



Peace River community lends a hand to wildfire evacuees of Alberta

Above: Volunteers from Peace River who banded together to assist wildlife evacuees

With wildfires wreaking havoc around Alberta, Points West Living Peace River took on a mission to host four residents of Edson and High Prairie who needed to evacuate from their communities as many others have done across the province.

“Being the daughter of one of the evacuees, I would like to say thank you so much.  It is such a relief knowing my mom is safe and being well taken care of,” said a family member of one evacuee.



Creative team makes Mother's Day special

The creative recreation team of Connie and Norme at PWL Peace River held an event for all the mothers in the community.  Handmade cards and flowers were gifted to the moms who gathered in the dining hall to play games such as Mother’s Day word scramble and funny riddles.



Bob the Pony Drops in for a Visit to Peace River

In May the residents of PWL Peace River had the pleasure of a visit from Bob the Pony one day before lunch. Bob clopped his way through the community visiting with residents offering a nuzzle and welcoming a pat.



Mother Earth celebrates majesty of Nature in pictures

On May 1, Points West Living Peace River was fortunate to get a Mother Earth presentation by Sharon Krushel who compiled the book, Mother Earth – Boreal Beauty of the Peace Country, a coffee table book featuring the work of 31 photographers, over 350 species, and 1,000 photos of everything from aerial shots of a majestic Peace River to close up shots of bog moss.



Ukrainian Dancers Delight Residents of Peace River

On February 10, Points West Living Peace River welcomed the Peace River Muzyka Dancers to perform for residents.  The Muzyka dancers have entertained audiences with their colour and rhythms since the club’s conception in 1976.

The essence of Ukrainian culture is experienced through food, music, and dance.

The Peace River residents clearly enjoyed watching the dance performance, which was made up of both children and adults.

 “It is amazing what they can do,” said Sheila Antoniette.

Alex Siry was happy to come out and watch especially as one of the performers was his own grandson. “They are all extremely talented, I hope they come back again.”

As the performance was coming to an end resident John MacMillian stopped a couple of the performers and said, “You guys were really good. I hope you come back sooner than later.”