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In Memory of a Brother

On Remembrance Day the residents at Points West Living Athens Creek Penticton remembered all the young men who have fought and died and all those who survived. The following is a poem by resident Audrey Ross whose brother Jackie was a bomber pilot in World War II and was killed.




Pumpkins come to life

Liz Annesley brings a pumpkin head to life

The Halloween celebrations got off to a good start at Points West Living Athens Creek (Penticton) with pumpkin carving that brought out the creativity of residents.



His Days of Vines and Roses

Angie and Bernie and a Rose

Bernie Strohmann moved to Points West Living’s Athens Creek Penticton in 2013, along with his companion Angie. With his horticulture background, Bernie naturally stepped into the role of Athen’s Gardener. He started by taking care of the flowers on the main patio and the Athen’s rose patch—a two-tiered garden bed.

Over the years Bernie included other residents in the gardening of the main balconies, but has been constant in his loving care of the rose bushes.

Beautiful and plentiful, you can find Bernie’s roses in the lobby, on the dining tables or best of all, in the hands of the Employee Care Partners. It is a wonderful way for Bernie to continue to participate in the meaningful activity he loves while giving care to others.

Eden Principle#4 We thrive when we have purpose and the opportunity to give, as well as receive. This is the antidote to helplessness.



High Tea for Queen Elizabeth

Resident Gail Kemp at High Tea

When the residents of Points West Living's Athen’s Creek in Penticton learned of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, resident Carol Rowely, suggested that they throw a High Tea in the Queen’s honour.



Home Grown Flowers

Flowers help to create a human habitat in our community and for many years Points West Living Athens Creek has decorated its dining room tables with fresh flowers.



Dressing like a cowpoke adds plaid

Turns out most people have a plaid shirt tucked away somewhere, to be brought out for ‘Dress like a cowboy/girl day’! That was certainly the case at Points West Living Athens Creek in Penticton when entertainer Paul James came by to play some country tunes.



Wise and witty New Year’s resolutions

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? Whether or not you write down your intentions, the start of a new year is a fresh opportunity to consider what you might like to tweak to make your life richer. Residents at Points West Living Athens Creek in Penticton had fun crafting their New Year’s resolutions, and were generous enough to share them here.



Gingerbread house curb appeal

Residents at Points West Living Athens Creek in Penticton held a competition last month to see who could create the best decorated gingerbread house. There was plenty of candy, scores of meticulously placed smarties, gobs of icing, and boundless creativity…



Deck the Trees

Decorating the Christmas trees at Points West Living Athens Creek in Penticton is a community affair. A core group of volunteers likes to take the challenge on, and this year the results are particularly lovely.



Halloween treats, costumes, and kids

Residents who love Halloween set the tone this year at Points West Living Athens Creek in Penticton. There were witches and pumpkins, and lots of treats – including unmistakably Halloween themed sandwiches.