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The Stars of Stettler Dressed for a Red Carpet Celebration

Ben and Shirley attending the 'night of the stars red carpet event'

Just before 2023 rolled in, Points West Living Stettler hosted “A Year to Remember” Eden Celebration event.

Leading up to the day, residents received ticket invitations asking them to ‘dress to impress’. 

As they arrived for the ‘movie premier’ style event, the surprised residents were greeted by a red carpet, balloon archway, and stars decorating the ceiling as they gathered for the celebration. To symbolize how important each one is to the PWL Stettler community, every resident’s name was written on the decorative stars above their heads.



T’was the Season for a Smile

CLICK THIS PIC! (Top L-R) Gladys Dahl, Wilda Nichols, Ken Campbell (Bottom L-R) Elmer Gross, Kym Lawrence, Mary Pollock

Last December, residents at Points West Living Stettler were treated to a special Christmas photo shoot. 

Recreation Coordinator Deidre Northrop reached out to a local photographer who agreed to lend props to enhance the photos. Care partners helped residents do their hair and makeup and find festive clothing to wear for the occasion.



Fifteen Two and the Rest Won’t Do

Crib partners Eileen and Andrea show off their win

With the help of recreation coordinator Diedre Northrop, a resident’s request for a crib tournament came together on a recent Friday afternoon at Points West Living Stettler.



Laying Wreaths in Remembrance

Veterans honour others with laying of wreaths

After many years of restrictions, residents and care partners at Points West Living Stettler were able to gather together for the November 11 Remembrance Day observance.



Marion's Milkshake Shaker

Marion McCarty helps shakes things up

During a get-together one day, Marion McCarty, who has called Points West Living Stettler his home for four years, mentioned that it had been a while since he had one of his favourite treats: a strawberry milkshake.



A Fun Farewell to Summer

Recreation Thereapist Nicole gets pied!

The folks at Points West Living Stettler celebrated the end of summer in the courtyard with a traditional Summer Carnival. 



Senior screenings at gem of a theatre

Residents at Points West Living Stettler are able to enjoy movies on the big screen again, compliments of the local movie theatre. Jewel Theatre recently started offering the once-a-month showings to seniors around town, and other sponsors have kicked in to enhance the theatre experience. 



Studies in Shamrocks

Residents at Points West Living Stettler got into the St. Patrick's Day spirit by painting shamrock canvases. They used tape on the canvas so every painting was unique. Some chose to stick with traditional shades of green, while others did a rainbow of colours. One resident stuck to her favourite colour, blue.



Reading machine restores visual data to resident

For many years, Points West Living Stettler resident Eileen Greene was a bookkeeper, managing the books and accounts for her family farm. Unfortunately, in recent years, visual impairment has made it next to impossible for her to read even her own mail, let alone ledgers and spreadsheets. That changed a month ago, when Stettler resident Trena Adolf offered up a SARA CE Document Reader.



Hearts of Happiness spread love

Baskets of hearts have been placed throughout Points West Living Stettler, inviting residents and employee care partners to pen words of encouragement to each other. Dubbed “Hearts of Happiness”, the valentines are showing up on doors and walls around the community, each card paying tribute to an individual who lives and serves at PWL Stettler.