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A 100-Year Milestone and a 'twinkle in his eye'

John and Ida Bosch in celebration

The folks at Points West Living Wainwright were pleased to share in a birthday celebration with one of their own on October 1st when John Bosch turned 100 years.



Gorgeous Grandmas

As soon as her beauty treatment was done, Ida Bosch went straight to show her husband her new look. We hear the visit ended in a little kiss!



Colourful fabric wreaths say “Hello Spring!”

Residents at Points West Living Wainwright welcomed spring by creating colourful fabric wreaths. The wreath are each unique and will adorn the doors of residents’ suites.



Hoody hugs for healthcare heroes

If you see someone walking around Wainwright with one of these distinctive azure blue hoodies on, you’ll know they’re a healthcare hero - the Wainwright and District Community Foundation says so! The foundation recently gave every healthcare worker in town a ‘hoody hug’ to show their appreciation for their dedication during the pandemic. These Points West Living Wainwright employee care partners were delighted to receive theirs.



Playing all the Reindeer Games

Who knew ‘reindeer games’ could be so inventive! And everyone was welcome, even Rudolph. “Residents at Points West Living Wainwright are always up for a night of fun and laughter,” says General Manager Carli Lopez. The evening of December 12 was full of novel activities, jokes, and hoots of laughter.



Bake Sale a sweet success

“For months, nearly 2 years in fact, residents of Points West Living Wainwright have been itching to have a bake sale,” says General Manager, Carli Lopez, and they have finally been able to deliver. Residents and employee care partners baked for days to prepare, and on the morning of Thursday November 18, fellow residents lined up outside the Beehive recreation room to wait for the sale to open at 10am.



Kindness crew serves up breakfast for first responders

World Kindness Day is celebrated around the world every year on November 13. This year Points West Living Wainwright joined in by hosting a drive-through breakfast for first responders and those who serve the greater community of Wainwright. That’s a lot of people and a lot of pancakes!



Sharing stories and bannock in a spirit of reconciliation

Residents and employee care partners at Points West Living Wainwright learned some truths, and shared bannock during that community’s observation of the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation on September 30th. Thanks to resident Emily Beam for sharing her stories and her bannock tips with the community.



Some-Buddy is always welcome

One of Points West Living Wainwright’s most welcome visitors is Buddy, the six-year old miniature horse. While he comes to see one particular resident, he takes time to make everyone feel happy.



Summer heat grows gorgeous gardens

There’s no shortage of green thumbs at Points West Living Wainwright. Residents and employee care partners alike enjoy getting out among the plants, blossoms, and soil and creating a landscape everyone appreciates. Thanks to this summer’s heat, regular watering, and faithful tending, this year’s courtyard gardens were particularly beautiful.